Data may help shift any potential age-related bias about bone quality and shoulder replacement.

SIMPLICITI™ Shoulder System is the first and only canal-sparing system to be FDA cleared in the United States. SIMPLICITI retains the benefits of total shoulder arthroplasty while maximizing glenoid exposure and preserving precious humeral bone stock should future intervention be necessary. Because it is solely a metaphyseal fixated device, SIMPLICITI differs from conventional stemmed systems by eliminating canal violation and the potential complications associated with diaphyseal fixation.

When considering clinical outcomes, as recently reported in JBJS, SIMPLICITI Shoulder System suggested both pain and functional improvements when compared to current stemmed devices, without the complications associated with a longer, more traditional stem such as intra and post-operative fractures2. Additionally, benefits of canal-sparing systems highlight a reduction in OR time, blood loss and infection rates2,3.

With improved patient outcomes and reduced complications, SIMPLICITI Shoulder System should not be considered as just another total shoulder implant. SIMPLICITI can help HCA facilities and surgeons differentiate themselves while being beneficial to patients, which benefits all.

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